Friday, October 19, 2012

A Multivitamin A Day Can Help Keep Cancer at Bay? Care to Share This Information???

Research Study Results that DID NOT make Headlines! Middle Aged Men taking one multivitamin a day can reduce their risk of cancer by 8%!!!

The article's title: "Multivitamin Use Among Middle-Aged Men Results in Modest Reduction in Cancer"

The title of these study results is very minimized and a bit misleading. It specifically mentions that middle aged men may see a modest reduction in cancers with multivitamin use.

Minimized and Misleading? In my opinion, yes. I would think that this information should be a headline story on the every news broadcast and in make headlines in newspapers. An 8% reduction in cancer risk equates to 8 out of 100 “middle aged men” decrease their risk of cancer by something as inexpensive and easy as taking a multivitamin once a day.

If this was a new medication it would be plastered all over the media. If it were a costly recommendation that would make billions of dollars for investors...shouted from the rooftop. I saw this study in one post. With no hoopla...with no affirmation.

The only reason there is a limitation on reduction in risk of cancer to middle aged men is because they were chosen as the study participants. It follows that a muli-vitamin/day could and would decrease cancer risk for men, women, and even children. And if a younger than middle-aged person began taking multi-vitamins daily, could they reduce their chances of developing cancer by an even greater percentage?

This much is true: It is close to impossible for people to get all the vitamins/minerals their body requires on a daily basis. Some vitamins, water soluble vitamins like all the B vitamins, Vitamin C must be ingested in required amounts DAILY for the body to function optimally. This is not happening in most dietary intakes in the US in the 21st century.

As a registered dietitian, I should be able to provide the inside scoop for a high quality nutritionally balanced intake that meets the needs of the body in 2012. But the truth is...our food supply is tainted. Our crops and livestock, and feed are contaminated with pesticides, hormones, chemicals, sprays. "Fresh" produce sits in trucks and is days/weeks old before you purchase it in your store as “fresh.”In the 21st century, many Americans are not even preparing many of their meals at home. A run to the bagel shop for a bagel and coffee for breakfast (if we have breakfast), a drive through for a fast food lunch, a stop for Chinese take out or pizza for dinner can be devoide of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals...

Our daily dietary intake is not balanced in protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fat, vegetables, vitamins, minerals. And even if we intentionally try to eat healthily, our natural food supply is lower than ever in nature. Our processing methods destroy vitamins and add preservatives, fat, sugar, sodium.

The human body is like a Lamborghini, the finest high tech machine ever made….and it requires high quality nourishment to run correctly. Without the right “gas" our body experiences inflammation, oxidative stress, nutrition deprivation, free radical production, hormone imbalance….all of which can pull the trigger on cancer. Vitamins can be soldiers that help protect the body from insult, injury, disease, and provide immunity and resistance.

One multi vitamin/day. The solution to prevent cancer? Far from it. Something we can easily do to help insure that our body has the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and in the process decrease cancer risk? YES.

Think of your multi-vitamin/day as an insurance policy. Don't leave home without it. Take it on a full stomach. Take it every day. One vitamin, multiple benefits....maybe even cancer prevention!

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