Monday, June 25, 2012

Raisins three times a day will lower blood sugar? Twisted study recommendations can actually promote type 2 diabetes!

At the ADA's 2012 scientific sessions, the "Raisin Board" presented study results they claimed showed that eating raisins 3 times/day could actually lower post prandial blood glucose...Hand picked study participants guaranteed that result....

If the information I provide in this post continues to be withheld from the American public, millions of people's short and long term health, well-being, and lives will continue to be at stake.

The fact that this research study -claiming that purposely choosing raisins for the positive effect they have on lowering postprandial blood glucose rather than other snack foods...and suggesting that raisins be consumed 3 times/day a misrepresentation of research findings as well as a disgrace. Why?


Please read on to understand what this means...and then write to the ADA and ask for The Metabolism Miracle and information about Metabolism B be made available to the public….now.

Over 110 million Americans have pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Millions more have metabolic syndrome (a compilation of medical maladies based in insulin imbalance including hypertension, hyperlipidemia (LDL and triglycerides), midline adiposity and increased visceral fat deposits, and blood glucose aberrations. If metabolic syndrome is left uncontrolled, it progressively leads to pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

I have coined the term “Metabolism B” (or Met B) to describe the genetic predisposition to excess insulin release and eventual insulin resistance in people on the path to metabolic syndrome. When I see a patient with fasting blood glucose between 90-99mg/dL inclusive, I tell them they have “Met B”. Metabolism B is the precursor to metabolic syndrome
à pre diabetesà type 2 diabetes. If a person’s fasting glucose is over 89mg/dL, they are on the road to or have already begun metabolic syndrome. Just take a look at their progressively increasing blood pressure, belly fat, LDL, triglycerides, and blood glucose.

What is the underlying metabolic flaw in those with Met B? Their pancreas releases EXCESS INSULIN RELEASE in response to a rise in blood sugar from both carbohydrate foods and the liver’s release of glycogen.

If a person with Met B consumes a high concentration of carbohydrate, their pancreas over –releases insulin. Excess insulin causes blood sugar to DECREASE. An ironic twist for those in the beginning stages of uncontrolled Met B is that they often have LOW hemoglobin A1C levels because their excess insulin is causing them to have LOWER than normal average blood sugar.

If you repeatedly present a person with Met B high concentrations of concentrated carb, their pancreas will eventually fatigue from over-work. This is when Met B progresses to pre diabetes. If the assault on the pancreas from excess carb continues, pre diabetes progresses to irreversible type 2 diabetes.

That the ADA does not recognize this information is neglectful and the over 100 million Americans with pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes should hold the ADA liable for withholding scientifically proven and medically indicated information that can save people’s health and lives.

Please note that this study was purposely set up to include people with Met B! Everyone had fasting glucose between 90-100mg/dL. This way, when their blood glucose was tested post prandially, the majority would have a lower reading than if you gave them an alternate snack. High amount of simple sugar = high amount of insulin = lower blood sugar. So, it appears that the raisins are magically doing wonderful things to blood sugar when in fact they are provoking excess insulin ….a fat gain hormone.

I will not rest until this information is common knowledge from coast to coast. The program designed to stop the progression of Metabolism B to pre diabetes to type 2 diabetes is in The Metabolism Miracle (for the millions with Met B or pre diabetes) and The Diabetes Miracle (for those with pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Read more about Met B at : or

Knowledge is power and I will never stop advocating for those with Met B, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes. I’m not only a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and author of the only books written to control this epidemic…I am also a person with diabetes.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Study Results: Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency.

Yes, there IS a link between ED and Vitamin D deficiency….but the underlying cause of both conditions is most likely rooted in a hormonal imbalance.  Balance this hormone, and improve ED and Vitamin D!

You can read about the study at the link I provided….but let’s put this situation in chronological order so it will make sense to you.  Having erectile dysfunction is devastating to many men and their partners,  finding out they are also deficient in Vitamin D, probably not so much.  But it is so important that men with ED understand what is most likely happening behind the scenes in their bodies that has resulted in their ED, low Vitamin D, hypertension, high cholesterol, belly fat, and blood sugar impairment.  All these conditions, and more, are related to the imbalance of one hormone.  Balance that hormone, and overall health improves…quickly.

The treatment for this cause of ED/Vitamin D deficiency is not in popping Viagra or a vitamin D supplement.  These pills “medicate” the problem…Viagra may enable an erection and vitamin D supplements will improve Vitamin D status…but neither TREATS the underlying cause of the problem. 

The imbalanced hormone in millions of men who struggle with weight is the fat gain hormone INSULIN.  When insulin levels are out of balance,  blood sugar roller- coasters and gradually damages blood vessels and nerve endings.   Insulin and vacillating blood sugar not only leads to ED and Vitamin D deficiency but also contributes to hypertension, high cholesterol, belly fat, and impaired blood sugar.  Problems with memory, focus, concentration, libido, irritability are also perpetuated.  So much depends on normal insulin and normal blood sugar.  

Normal insulin release and resultant normal blood sugar 24/7  is what protects Vitamin D levels, vascular health, and proper “firing” of nerve endings.  Taking an extra Vitamin D supplement is needed if you are deficient in Vitamin D, but the reason your Vitamin D was low in the first place as well as the underlying reason for your ED can be in  your metabolism….and there is an excellent chance if you are a man with ED, you have uncontrolled Metabolism B….also known as metabolic syndrome….

This is the way it is:

Insulin imbalance is at the root of  Met B /metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome (with its progressive increases in belly fat/visceral fat, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and blood sugar) is genetic and its progression is linked to stressors like physical inactivity, a high carbohydrate diet, stress (emotional/physical), illness/surgery, certain blood sugar altering medications (like prednisone, cortisone, certain anti-depressants, certain beta blockers). 

Over 55% of men who struggle with weight have the genetic predisposition to metabolic syndrome…they are riding on the Metabolism B train. If proper diet and lifestyle changes are not made, in time, millions WILL end up with hypertension, midline adiposity, ED, overweight/obesity, hyperlipidemia, pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes and low levels of Vitamin D.

As metabolic syndrome causes inflammation, nerve irritation, and vascular damage…it is no surprise that men with low levels of vitamin D are prone to ED and vice versa. 

There you have it

The medication bill in the US for this insulin related metabolic mess is in the trillions…medications for ED,  blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, depression, GERD, PCOS, osteopenia, osteoporosis, cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, pancreas, ovarian, and skin, ADD/ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease are all medications necessary as long as metabolic syndrome and insulin imbalance/resistance is not contained.

Ironically, there is a very inexpensive solution to this problem and it has existed for all to use since April, 2009. The research/development/trials/data collection/fine tuning had preceded the publication of the program by 13 years and to date data has been collected on over 6000 patients. It is now licensed for publication in 7 languages and has a world-wide following. The Metabolism Miracle became a New York Times Bestseller and was the #1 diet book in the UK in 2010. Haven’t heard of it? Not surprising as our medical community is very tight lipped about this scientifically based and medically sound lifestyle program.

Despite The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle’s tremendous objective success in long term weight loss, decreases in body fat, decreases and/or elimination of medications, improved health- based on labwork, decreased inflammation, improved nerve functioning, weight loss, fat loss, and improved quality of life based on subjective data collection….The AMA, ADA, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have not yet studied this program. Harvard’s Nutrition Committee and the New England Journal of Medicine asked for book copies, but failed to comment.

It’s time to do a large scale research study comparing the core program in The Metabolism Miracle/The Diabetes Miracle to any other diet/lifestyle program. When the results are released, (and the results will prove that this program is the missing link to ending the obesity/diabetes epidemics), it will change the way obesity, diabetes, and weight related health issues are treated.

If you are a male with ED, a woman whose partner has ED, or a person who identifies with the other health conditions tied to uncontrolled Metabolism B,  get familiar with The Metabolism Miracle.  It can change your life.