Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flush pounds down the toilet, not off your body, and PAY the Kardashian Girls $45 MILLION

Take an Undetermined Dose of Caffeine and Laxatives,  Risk Hypertension, Heart Arrhythmias, Dehydration, Laxative dependence, Flush pounds down the toilet, not off your body, and PAY the Kardashian Girls 45 MILLION Cash. 

Kim and Khloe Kardashian face a possible class-action lawsuit over endorsing the diet product QuickTrim. Since 2009, the product has generated over $45 million in revenue. In January 2010, Kim told Ok! magazine that she used several QuickTrims products to quickly shed 15 pounds in just a few weeks. And in June, she tweeted that she was using QuickTrim to get in shape for her August wedding.

A class action lawsuit over QuickTrim?  What’s the scoop?

 What are QuickTrim’s active ingredients?  Caffeine and Laxatives.  Yep…that’s the golden ticket.  Unmarked levels of caffeine that can lead to dangerous hypertension, heart arrhythmias, stroke, heart attack, dehydration, kidney failure as well as a hefty dose of laxatives that can lead to dehydration, diarrhea,  electrolyte imbalance, and laxative dependence.  The FDA has determined that caffeine is not safe or effective for weight loss.

Interestingly, although caffeine is a drug, does affect heart rate and rhythm, and excesses can lead to serious health issues….companies do not always list the mg of caffeine in their products.  It is guesstimated that QuickTrim’s Program contains the caffeine equivalent to 4 strong cups of coffee.


How does QuickTrim claim to work its magic?  QuickTrim products consist of pills and powdered mixes that are promoted to eliminate water weight and bloating.  Let’s examine:
 Caffeine is a stimulant and is also a diuretic. Drink coffee and in very short order, you will feel a rise in heart rate, the “feeling” of a lift in energy level” and the need to pee.  Drink 4 cups of coffee in quick succession and  you will feel amplified effects with an almost scary rise in heart rate, the sensation of being “wired”, anxious, jittery, and the need to pee…a lot!
 It is estimated that Quick Trim’s daily plan contains the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee!  After caffeine’s effects wane, you will feel a crash/burn as heart rate goes back to normal.  Caffeine works quickly and its effects are very temporary….but very high doses of campaign can be dangerous to your health….and caffeine does not cause weight loss. 
A very popular catch term in dieting over the past few years has been “cleansing” and “colon cleansing” as a means to weight loss.  Clear away the ‘smoke and mirrors’ as well as their hefty price tag, and all “cleanses” contain laxatives. Laxatives induce bowel movements and/or loosen the stool. Laxatives are generally taken when a person has constipation that requires treatment.  Taking a laxative as a means of weight loss only causes the loss of excess water (more water weight loss) and quicker movement of the waste material in the large intestine (or colon).  It speeds the process along, leaving a “quick loss” of water and fecal matter.  As soon as you drink some water and something….it’s all back! 

A very scary side to laxative use is dependency over time.  I have worked with many people who can no longer go to the bathroom without taking large doses of laxative as a dependency occurs after long term laxative use. In the short term, you lose your bloating and weight by pooping.  Yep, pooping.

Here’s something to pass along regarding laxatives.  People believe that when they eat and take laxatives, they are eliminating food before its calories are absorbed and before body fat can form.  Laxatives work in the LARGE intestine, and by the time food reaches the colon,  all the calories are absorbed.  Laxatives are simply quickly ridding the body of waste and water.  You are “losing” the weight of the poop and water.”

One of QuickTrims main programs is the Burn & Cleanse 14 Day Diet System. Take your caffeine by day and laxatives by night!!!  Contains the equivalent of about 400mg of caffeine in its morning and afternoon supplements along with black pepper, tree bark, green tea extract (may contain more caffeine but QuickTrim does not report the number of caffeine mg in their program). It becomes obvious that if you take these supplements and drink a few cups of coffee, a diet cola, or an energy drink and you can be in danger. The evening supplement contains both stimulant and bulk laxatives to increase the movement of food and liquid through your intestines.

So, 45 million dollars of revenue to the Kardashian’s and QuickTrim’s manufacturer, and after  no real weight loss….Americans find that they flushed their “weight” and money down the toilet.    The danger is that they may have unknowingly taken a risk with their health.


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